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Canva is one of the top-rated graphic design tools to choose from if you don't have design experience. In this post, We'll explore Canva's pricing, features, alternatives, and more.

- Trustpilot: 2.2 out of 5 stars - G2: 4.7 out of 5 stars

- Pros: Simple to set up and use. One-click Background Eraser and Animate tools free plan. Templates that cover a wide variety of uses and networks. Excellent tools and resources for creating branded content

- Cons: There's no phone support. Expensive enterprise pricing. It Needs an internet connection.

- Conclusion: Canva is a design software best for businesses with simple design needs that want to create and share content as easily as possible.

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design application that aims to provide users with the ability to create visual materials without the need for extensive graphic design experience. In addition to creating social media graphics, the tool can also be used to create presentations, slides, posters, and other visual assets - with a wide variety of customizable templates and royalty-free images to help users.

Canva is different from other graphic design tools. Its learning curve is designed to be as gentle as possible. This makes its feature set more basic, but its pricing is lower too.

Canva pricing

[IMAGE] Getting started with Canva is totally free, so it's a great way to discover if it's right for you. This is a fairly generous free tier, and some people may be quite happy with it.

Get started with the Canva Free plan.

Alternatively, you can get started with the Pro plan, which costs $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year and gives you access to millions of stock photos, premium templates, cloud storage, and collaboration features.

Get started with the Canva Pro Free 30-Day Trial.

A free Pro plan is available to educational institutes and charitable organizations.

Canva features

Now, let's look at some of its features.

You get access to free photos, and we will explore some pros of free vs paid content.

Hundreds of thousands of them; you can browse them and select photos of nature, background, animals, people, food, and more.

Also, you will access tons of icons.

Canva has various print product templates you can create on the software and then print.

Everything is available, from flyers to T-shirts and business cards.

The program integrates perfectly with other applications like Giphy and Google Maps.

It has more cool ones with YouTube to allow you to embed your YouTube video on a design.

There is more on charts and photo editing.

Canva has an area where you can learn more about its interface and make the best out of it.

The left-hand sidebar has a section that reads 'Recommended for you, but I think the section is based on some visuals you created some time back; hence Canva makes recommendations for future tasks.

I love that the program has premade templates for different holidays.

The 'Your Designs' section will take you to all designs you created in the past.

Canva has a brand kit with groupings of your logos, fonts, and brand colours to help you quickly access these things as you create new designs.

It has a content planner, and users can also create teams and separate folders.

What Is Canva Best For?

Here are some of the people and teams that will love Canva:

1. Marketing teams with little graphic design experience (and limited outsourcing budgets) can use Canva's straightforward beginner-friendly layout to create ads and social media graphics. 2. Non-profit organizations will benefit from thousands of Canva pamphlets, brochures, and educational material templates. 3. Educational institutions like schools, colleges, and academies will love Canva's templates for worksheets, reports, and other study materials. 4. Startups and small business owners can do graphic design without prior training or experience (for a low price). 5. Social media marketers can use Canva to make graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and so much more. 6. Content creators - from bloggers who want to make their banners to ebook writers who prefer to make their book covers from scratch - will benefit from Canva's commercial use of licensed imagery. 7. Website owners - Canva's website templates can let you quickly design stunning web pages. It's a fantastic way to get unique designs without going for a landing page builder or similar solution. 8. Non-graphic-designer people can still create beautiful graphics for personal and professional use (e.g., designing their CV).

How does Canva work? Once you log into your account, you'll see a dashboard that categorizes templates and canvas sizes. There is a wide variety of templates to choose from, including social media, logos, business cards, certificates, presentation designs, and infographics. Selecting either the blank canvas or the latter will take you to Canva's graphics editor.

With Canva's drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your canvas with pre-designed text elements, background colour and patterns, stock pictures, illustrations, and much more. By clicking the download button in the top right corner, you can download the design in various file formats once satisfied.

The Canva Design School offers a variety of free video courses, including Canva for Beginners and How to Design Brand Material. Many well-known personalities from the design and marketing industry share their expertise in these courses, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Joe' Mulga' Moore, and many others.

Additionally, you can learn how to create excellent visuals with Canva's tools by watching video tutorials and reading detailed articles.

Canva alternatives

Canva has many competitors. Its most comparable alternatives are Visme and Adobe Spark.

Here's a full list of Canva competitors:

Visme Adobe Spark Adobe Illustrator Adobe XD Figma Sketch InVision

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a limit to free Canva? A free Canva account comes with 5GB of storage, which can be used to store your own assets (photos, videos, logos), but this can quickly consume your storage space if you're working with large assets, especially video and audio files.

2. Does Canva own my designs? The creator of an original design is also its owner. However, if you use third-party content in your design (e.g., stock media from the Canva library), your ownership is subject to their rights.

3. Can I sell my designs from Canva? You can sell design resources like fonts, graphics, and Canva template designs with Design Bundles. Just Create an account for free to upload your designs, then set your prices or choose to include them in bundle offers.

4. Can I make money on Canva? Canva users can use your designs to create beautiful designs and pay to export them, earning you a royalty.

5. Can I sell my Canva designs on Etsy? As long as they fit the terms and conditions of Canva, you can sell them on Etsy.

Overall thoughts

Canva is an amazing platform for letting your creative side flourish and run wild with logo designs, blog layouts, and more.

stay tuned!

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